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FAQ’s -Teaching a Hybrid Course


What is the advantage of conducting Hybrid classes?

  • If either the professor or the students are travelling, ill, or for some reason unable to attend the class at the university campus they can still attend the classes online.
  • If the university is closed due to unforeseen circumstances like bad weather, the professor can still conduct classes remotely and always stay on schedule for the course.
  • Hybrid courses are especially convenient for part-time students who cannot get off work on time and can attend the classes online from their work desk or any remote location with an adequate Wi-Fi connection.


What can the professor expect in the class?

  • There will always be a TA present in the class to set up all the equipment required to conduct an online class. TA’s will arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of the class to begin set up.
  • The professor should make all the material to be used for the class available to the TA beforehand so that the TA knows what is expected from them and make necessary arrangements. Ex. Extra set-up is required for student presentations, having a remote speaker etc.
  • Before the class starts, all the material would be made ready to be used on the desktop.
  • All materials used for a Hybrid course need to be available in an electronic format to be shared with all students, in the classroom and remote.
  • The computer screen would be reflected on the projector screen as well as the Smart Board screen.
  • All the online participants would be shown on the TV screen at the back or the side of the room. The professor should ask the students to keep their cameras ON through the entire class duration to ensure complete participation from the students online.
  • Some online participants may keep their videos off due to connection problems. They are expected to let the TA know about the problem the are facing.
  • The TA and ATC would also be participating in the class to make sure the class runs smoothly and help online students with any technical difficulties without disturbing the class.
  • The professor’s computer screen would be shared with the students online so that everything that is being shown in the class is also being shown to the online students simultaneously.
  • The professor would be given a lapel mic which will let the online students hear the professor clearly and without any other background noise.
  • Whenever an online student wishes to say something they would use the “raise hand” function through Zoom and the TA would raise their hand for them and let the professor know that someone online wants to speak.
  • If there is a technical difficulty, such as a problem with the camera or the room mics, the TA would call for help from the CPT. We would try our best not to disturb the class or solve the issue during the break time, but this could depend on the complexity of the problem.
  • The professor should always finish the class at the scheduled time since the TA needs to set-up for the next class and may run out of time if the first class gets delayed. This can also sometimes cause panic amongst online participants of the next class.



What else can a TA help the professor with?

  • The professor can ask the TA to scan and upload class documents on Blackboard for the concerned course.
  • The professor can ask the TA to upload the notes from the Smart Board (Ex. Sums/ numericals) made in the class to the Blackboard for student reference.
  • The professor can ask the students to make announcements for the students of a concerned course.
  • During exam time, the professor may ask the TA to check Blackboard to ensure their exam is released at the scheduled date and time.


What else can the professor expect?

  • The classes will be recorded on Zoom and would be posted on Blackboard for the students and the professor to review when needed. It usually takes between12-20 hours before the recording is posted on Blackboard.
  • The professor can ask the TA to monitor an exam if it is an open book exam and there are students taking the exam online.
  • The professor should inform the TA of any special requirements/ arrangements that are required for the classes at least 24 hours before the class.
  • If the professor wants to conduct a class remotely, TA and ATC would provide all the help and support needed by the professor to conduct the class successfully. The TA should be informed in advance if the class is going to be conducted remotely.
  • The professor should have a working headphone (with mic) and a working camera attached to the computer and a reliable Wi-Fi connection to conduct a class remotely. Wi-Fi connection is a problem if there are stormy weather conditions.
  • If there is a time when a TA cannot make it to the class for some reason, the professor will be given a temporary TA.


FAQ’s – Using Zoom


How do I set up a dual monitor for use with Zoom?

The TV screen in the room would serve as the Dual monitor

  1. Proceed to the PODIUM computer and press the Windows key + P (Win + P), this will open up a sidebar on the right, you will select Extend and the Bentley Logo desktop will appear on the monitor in the back.
  2. Open the computer sound control panel. Go to playback tab. Make sure to disable the playback sound from the extended monitor.
  3. Then go to us, to “Join a Meeting” as usual
  4. Next, go to “General” settings, and CHECK on “Use dual monitors” option
  5. Then proceed forward with the meeting as usual.


Can I turn off a student’s camera?

Yes. 2 ways: You can privately message the student to tell them to turn off their camera. Or, you can hover to their name under Participants list, click More and choose “Stop video”. However, if you do this, the student won’t be able to turn on their camera anymore. You have to request them to turn on by sending them the request so that they can turn their camera on. Instruction on how to do this, go to question: “Can I ask student to turn on their camera?”


Can I ask student to turn on their camera?

Yes. 2 ways: You can privately message the student to tell them to turn on their camera. Or, you can also hover to their name under Participants list, click More and choose “Ask to start video”.


How can I set up Breakout Rooms?



Break-out room is a function to divide the whole class into smaller groups, or the “rooms”, in which students can join, discuss and send messages with just their group/room. This document provides detailed tutorials and useful tips on how to make use of Break-out room function in Zoom. The option to create breakout rooms is available only to the meeting host.



  • After Zoom meeting is started normally, click the Breakout Rooms option to start creating breakout rooms.
Picture of how toCreate Breakout Rooms
Create Breakout Rooms


  • A small window will pop up to determine how many rooms you want to create. Input the number of rooms you want.
  • To assign participants into the rooms, choose either Automatically or Manually.
  • Automatically: Zoom will randomly assign an equal number of students into the amount of rooms you have decided
  • Manually: Zoom will allow you to choose specifically whom into which rooms
Choose One Option - Automatically or Manually
Choose One Option


  • Normally if the class has already formed groups for their term project and they do discussion with their own groups, we choose Manually in order to create breakout rooms for each group.
  • Check on each participant name to assign them into the groups. It is useful to ask the professor for a list of the groups and members assigned to each group beforehand so that you can make the groups and keep them ready.
Check to assign students into rooms
Check to Assign Students



  • When finish assigning everyone into their groups, choose open rooms. This will send students invitation to join the rooms.
  • Students will need to accept invitation in order to join the rooms.
Click to open rooms
Click to open rooms
  • You will be able to see who is joining and who is not yet joining into their rooms.
  • Please do not forget to pause the recording when the class is in breakout rooms.
  • As a TA (host) or Professor (co-host), you can join any room at any time to check on students how they are doing with their group discussion.
  • Click “Join” to be directed into any room and leave rooms when finished.
See joined/not joined participants
See joined/not joined participants


  • When all discussion is done, click on Close All Rooms to close all break-out rooms meetings. Zoom will countdown 60 seconds for students to wrap up their discussion before officially closing all rooms.
Picture of Closing Rooms
Closing Rooms


Important additional note

  • Students can ask to be assigned into their breakout room again after they leave.
  • If a student is already assigned into a room, but didn’t choose accept invitation and choose “Later” instead, they can click on the “Breakout Room” icon to see the invitation again and accept it.
  • Once in a room, participants can only send message to other participants in that room. If they want to send message to someone else, they have to leave room, go back to main session and then send a chat message.




Can I talk to all breakout rooms at the same time?

No. You need to join each breakout room one by one.


How do I discharge participants from the breakout rooms to bring back to the main room?

Bring up the Breakout Room icon, there will be a window of current rooms and participants. You can Assign any participant to any room you want or move them back to Main Menu by Remove them from Breakout rooms.




Can you automatically record your events?

  1. Go to My Meeting Settings and click on the Recording tab.
  2. Enable Automatic recording (blue is enabled) and select Record in the cloud.

Zoom will now automatically start recording every time you open an event. You can pause the recording while participants are logging in and then re-start when the event actually begins.


Who can record a meeting?

Only the Host or Co-Host has permission to record a meeting. If you simply participate to a meeting like a regular participant and you are not a Host or Co-host of the meeting, you need to ask the Host/Co-host to record the meeting and send you the link to the recording in the when it becomes available.


When I save to the cloud, does it also save a copy of the recording to my computer?



How do I get a link to the recording of the event? Can I password protect it?

After a meeting is recorded to cloud, the host will receive an email when recording is available. There will be 2 links: one is for sharing and one is for download purpose. Normally, all these recording will be uploaded to Blackboard so that students and faculty can access the recording for their course online, without password protected.


Do breakout rooms get recorded?



What should I do if sometimes the SmartBoard doesn’t work?

When the SmartBoard pen doesn’t write properly, eraser doesn’t erase, writing is not recognized or in general the SmartBoard is malfunctioning, Check the following:

  • SmartBoard or other applications (PowerPoint, Word Doc) that we are using SmartBoard pen to write on, must be on FULL SCREEN mode to fully function effectively
  • Nothing else besides the pen/eraser is touching the SmartBoard surface
  • The pens and eraser are placed in correct positions. Sometimes, when pen is placed in the eraser position and vice versa, causing pens/eraser not work
  • Might need to restart if still not working.