Group Work via Zoom

Instructions to set up group work on Zoom


How to access your ZOOM account:
● Log into

● Sign in using your Bentley e-mail and your network password.

How to schedule a meeting:
● Schedule a meeting for a specific time by going to Meetings → Schedule a New Meeting.

● Send your team the meeting ID or the link under Join URL so they can join your meeting.

Personal meeting room (optional):
● OR, You can use your own personal meeting room instead of scheduling a new meeting

● Send your team your personal meeting ID or the link under Join URL so they can join your meeting.







How to join a meeting (FOR OTHER GROUP MEMBERS):
● They can click on the link (Join URL) to join your event OR

● They can go to and click on JOIN A MEETING and type in the 9 or 10 digit meeting ID.

How to start a meeting :
● If you have scheduled a meeting, it will appear under Upcoming Meetings. Click Start.

● Or, click on your Personal Meeting Room and click Start. Give your team your personal meeting room ID or link to join you.

How to share a screen
● You can share your screen by clicking on green icon Share Screen.


● Choose the Desktop option as that will show anything that you open on your desktop so you won’t need to go back to the share window and pick individual applications.


How to set up the PowerPoint slides to Share in your meeting
● For convenience purposes, you can change the slide show set up to individual window by following this path: Slide Show → Set Up Slide Show → Browsed by an individual (window). This will allow you to see your task bar when you put your slide show in full screen mode in case you want to change back and forth between your slides and other documents and/or websites.


How to make a recording with Zoom
● You can record your meeting by clicking on Record → Record to the Cloud.

● This option will save your recording to your Zoom account. You can also download it from the cloud as an MP4 file or share the link with anyone so they can view it, and you can allow others to download it as an MP4 file

● Note: If you want a meeting participants to also record the event when they click Record, you will be asked to give them permission.


How to find a cloud recording
● The recordings are stored under Recordings → Cloud Recordings.

● Click Share to get a link so others can playback your recording from the Zoom cloud.

● You can also download a recording by clicking on it and then Download (for Recording 1, which includes both video and audio).

● You can change the option on your Zoom recording settings to make it so others can also download the recording or just play it back by clicking on the share link.

For your Recording – keep in mind:

● If you are sharing your screen your video window will be a small thumbnail screen of the active speaker.

● If you would like to have a large video window of the person speaking or a gallery view of the entire group, you will need to exit the share screen mode by clicking on stop share on the top menu of the screen.

We are glad to provide help with any issues or questions you have. Please e-mail or call 781-891-3487 and leave a voice message.