Hybrid Remote Student: Proctoring – Students

You may be required to find a proctor for your exams. Please confirm this with your instructors as not every exam requires a proctor.

* Students are responsible for locating and scheduling proctors.

1. The proctor must be a librarian, teacher, professor, or administrator in a nearby library, secondary school, college, university, or testing center.
2. All exams must be administered in an appropriate testing environment. (Example: Library, testing center, college, university, conference room etc.)
3. Proctors cannot be family members, friends, or co-workers.
4. The student is responsible for any costs – proctors typically charge between $20 and $50 per exam.
5. Please confirm that the proctor is available during the scheduled exam session, has a business e-mail address, reliable access to the Internet, the ability to download and print PDF documents, and access to a fax machine or scanner (for returning completed exams to Bentley). Exam materials are not sent to proctors who do not have a business e-mail address.
6. Once you find an available qualified proctor, please fill out “Proctor Request Form” which is located under “Online Learning- Help” on your courses Blackboard site.

7. Once your form is submitted you will only be contacted if the coordinator needs any clarification on your request. Otherwise, please arrive to your testing location on your scheduled date and time with a valid picture I.D.


Once you have notified your professor, ALL REQUESTS for a Proctor need to be made at least 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO THE SCHEDULED COURSE EXAM.