Faculty: Getting Started Using Zoom

  • Go to https://bentley.zoom.us and sign in with your Bentley credentials (Bentley email address and network password).

Set Up a Zoom Event as a Meeting Host
100 participants can join a meeting. Please contact the ATC if you expect more than 100 users.

2. To create an event, go to the My Meetings tab and click Schedule a New Meeting.


3. Enter the meeting details (topic, date and time, duration and frequency).


The default settings (shown below) are recommended. Keep Telephone and VoIP checked so you and participants can choose either phone or computer for audio. Alternative Hosts can start the meeting, so add in any colleagues that may need to start the meeting in your place.


4. After you Save the meeting, click Copy the invitation to select and copy the invite details. You can then paste into an email to your participants. You can also give participants the Meeting ID at any time, which they can use to enter the event from the Zoom home page or mobile app.


Start the Zoom Event You Are Hosting
Participants cannot join the meeting until a meeting host or alternative host has started it.

1. Go to http://bentley.zoom.us and log in.

2. Locate the meeting in the My Meetings/Upcoming Meetings tab and click Start to launch Zoom.


If you’re an alternative host, simply join through the meeting link (after logging into Zoom).
3. Select your audio (computer or phone). Your audio and video will both be ON at launch.


Key features include:
• Audio/Video: You can Mute/Unmute your audio and Stop/Start Video. You can see up to 25 video windows at once and you can control your video layout (Gallery vs Speaker).
• Screen Sharing: To show your screen, select Share Screen. Select your Desktop to show participants any window or application that you are on, or choose just a specific one.
• Manage Participants: Shows a list of participants, which you can Mute if needed.

• Chat: Useful if a participant is having trouble with audio, or to send a private message.
• Record: You can record to the Zoom cloud and make the link available for playback, or you can save your recording locally for later upload to Blackboard.
Breakout Rooms: Assign participants to small groups. They will have full audio, video, and screen share privileges within their groups and you can check in on the groups.