Using Proctor U


              Scheduling with  ProctorU (the Proctor Site)

Create an account.


  1. Go to and click Test-Taker.


  1. If prompted by your browser, allow ProctorU to use your webcam.


  1. Complete the form. Include all required fields, create your username and password, select Bentley University as the institution, and take a well-lit snapshot of yourself.


  1. Click Create Account. Confirm your account with the email you receive.


  1. Click Test Your Equipment and make sure everything is working with the system you plan to use when you take your exam. Contact ProctorU Help if needed.


Schedule the exam.


  1. Click Schedule New Session.


  1. Select the appropriate term and Exam. 


  1. Within the allowed timeframe, select the date and time in which you plan to take the exam and click SCHEDULE.


  1. You will see confirmation of your scheduled exam time slot and your exam will be added to the cart for payment and checkout. 


  1.     Complete checkout. You can then review your scheduled exam on the My Exams page. If necessary, you can reschedule the date and time.



            Completing the Exam during your Proctored Appointment.


Prepare to Access your Exam


  1. Log into Blackboard and go to the Test in your course.


Connect with your Proctor


  1. Log into your ProctorU account.


  1. Click START to begin the session.


  1. Follow the Check In steps. You will need to show your photo ID. If you are not a U.S. Citizen or Resident, you will be required to show your Passport. If you are a U.S. Citizen or Resident, a Driver’s License is acceptable.


  1. You will be prompted to download an applet to send your audio and video to the proctor. The proctor will ask you some questions, confirm your identity and secure your location by asking you to pan your camera around your workspace.



Start your Exam


  1.       When ready to begin exam, click Start.
  2.     The proctor will need to enter the password to gain entry to exam.
  3.     Once finished, submit your Exam.


Get Help

Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


ProctorU Student Instructions:

ProctorU – How it Works – Test-Taker


ProctorU: For help with ProctorU, a Live Chat is available on the ProctorU site.

855 – 772 – 8678