Using ProctorU for Online Exams

ProctorU is a web-based service that allows for online live proctoring. Details about the service are here:

In Blackboard

  1. To use ProctorU for your exams, the exams must first be web-based (i.e. a Blackboard Test). Your students cannot use ProctorU if you are sending them the exam in a paper-based format, such as in a Word document. Therefore, the first step is to convert your exam into a Blackboard Test. Joe Nezuh (, 781-891-2547) can show you how to set up your Blackboard Tests. Written instructions are also here:
    NOTE: See Best Practices at the end of this sheet for tips setting up your Bb Test with ProctorU.
  2. When you set up the Test Options in Blackboard, make sure to assign a password to the test. When you set up the exam instance in ProctorU, you will provide the proctor site with the password, who will then enter the password for the students once they have been verified by the proctor. This step is the key to making sure that students can only access the Blackboard Test if they are connected by ProctorU.

In ProctorU

Faculty instructions from ProctorU are here – quick steps are below: ProctorU – How it Works – ULive+ Faculty

3. Now that the Blackboard Test and password are set up, you can use ProctorU.
a. To create your Instructor account, please contact MJ Sanz (, 781-891-2591) so she can set up your account.
b. Once your account exists, you can log into ProctorU by going to:

4. Once you are logged in, click Add New in the upper right corner of the page and select Exam. Complete the Exam Settings.

a. Name the exam with your course name, section, and which exam it is (i.e. Midterm or Final). In Department, select Hybrid Courses:

b. Make sure to complete the following information: The Exam URL is , and the password is the password that you set up in Blackboard for the exam.

c. Complete the rest of the settings, including designating the time period in which students can take the exam.

5. Submit for review. Students will now be able to search for your exam and sign up with ProctorU to take their exam. Students need to be sent instructions on how to create a ProctorU account and sign up for their test. They are here:

For help using ProctorU, please contact Joe Nezuh or MJ Sanz (, 781-891-2591).

Best Practices for setting up Blackboard Tests that will be used with ProctorU:

  1. You cannot use both Respondus LockDown browser and ProctorU on the same Blackboard Test. Please make sure LockDown browser is disabled for any Bb Tests that will be using ProctorU. If you want to use Respondus in the classroom, then you will need two separate test instances for in-class and remote students.
  2. Auto-Submit should be turned off. If an issue takes time away from the student you will be notified by ProctorU through an Incident Report. Inform your students that they should make up the lost time and let them know you will be able to calculate how long they actually were in the exam.

  3. When selecting time restrictions on the exam (Display After or Display Until), make sure all Blackboard availability exam settings are consistent with the date range you set in ProctorU. Students will be required to take the exam through ProctorU inside the availability you specify on the ProctorU exam session. Only you and the proctor have the exam password, so the student will not be able to access the exam outside the ProctorU availability. Make sure the Bb Test availability extends at least two hours and twenty minutes past the end date/time you set up in ProctorU.